Dr. Soenke Magnussen, Head of Revenue Accounting IT from Lufthansa Revenue Services GmbH visiting

Dr. Soenke Magnussen, Head of Revenue Accounting IT from Lufthansa Revenue Services GmbH has visited us and gave a presentation about change management at Lufthansa Revenue Services from transforming a full-service IT-department into a demand-IT in a shared-service-center.



In the recent years Lufthansa Revenue Services GmbH (LRS) pioneered the service of high-quality preparing and reporting of the entire revenue and operational data from Lufthansa passenger business. The revenue accounting services were based on a strong focus on large IT-systems and a full service IT-department comprising software development as well as application operations. The Lufthansa project GLOBE (one of the profit improvement projects of the SCORE program) develops a Global Business Service Organisation by 2015 by merging Finance, HR and Procurement of all Group companys (e.g. Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines etc.) into one single Global Business Services (GBS) organisation. The significant cost advantages through bundling, enhancing efficiency and using international platform are achieved by a huge organisational change transforming former Lufthansa Revenue Accounting GmbH into (part of) a new company Lufthansa Global Business Services. For the former full service IT-department of LRS this meant an outsourcing of software development and application operations and moreover the set-up of a so called demand-IT. In this talk I will go into the change of an IT-department from full-service to demand-IT. I will present the added values of a demand-IT and the fundamental principles of a demand-IT that makes the IT within a shared service center work and help to overcome the barriers of change. Moreover I will give an impression of the challenges, traps and pifalls on this way of change.

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