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stamina Sustainable and reliable robotics for part handling in manufacturing automation
carlos Cooperative Robot for Large Spaces Manufacturing (CARLOS)
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Past Projects

Robotics-enabled Logistics and Assistive Services for the Transformable Factory of the Future (TAPAS)

Oct 1, 2010 – June 30, 2014

Partners were:

  • KUKA Laboratories GmbH (Coordinator)
  • Grundfos A/S
  • Convergent Information Technologies GmbH
  • Aalborg University – Department of Production
  • Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg – Autonomous Intelligent Systems Lab
  • German Aerospace Center (DLR) – Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics

Abstract: Robotics-enabled Logistics and Assistive Services for the Transformable Factory of the Future (TAPAS) is a project funded by the European Commission within FP7. The goal of TAPAS is to pave the ground for a new generation of transformable solutions to automation and logistics for small and large series production, economic viable and flexible, regardless of changes in volumes and product type.

TAPAS pioneers and validates key components to realize this vision: mobile robots with manipulation arms will automate logistic tasks more flexible and more complete by not only transporting, but also collecting needed parts and delivering them right to the place where needed. TAPAS robots will even go beyond moving parts around the shop floor to create additional value: they will automate assistive tasks that naturally extend the logistic tasks, such as preparatory and post-processing works, e.g., pre-assembly or machine tending with inherent quality control. TAPAS robots might initially be more expensive than other solutions, but through this additional creation of value and by a faster adaptation to changes with new levels of robustness, availability, and completeness of jobs TAPAS robots promise to yield an earlier return of investment.

ECHORD project GISA: Little Helper Plus: Gesture Based Instruction of Safe Mobile Robot Arm

Feb 1, 2011- August 30, 2013

Partners were

  • Aalborg University (Coordinator)
  • Grundfos A/S
  • KUKA Nordic A/S

Abstract: Mobile robots that have the ability to cooperate with humans are able to provide new possibilities to manufac- turing industries. In this experiment, we will build a mobile robot arm that a) can provide assistance at different locations in a factory and b) that can be programmed using complex human actions such as pointing in “Take this object”.
The new mobile robot arm will be based on a prototype robot arm that already provides a set of capabilities for navigation and grasping. The present mobile robot arm is limited in range, payload and safety. The new mobile robot arm will be based on the existing one but use the KUKA light weight robot. The classical programming interface of the original mobile robot arm will be enhanced on the new one so that it will be possible to program tasks on the new mobile robot arm with gestures and complex actions. The new mobile robot arm will be tested on the shop floor of the company Grundfos, the robot task in our experiment will be a feeding task.

Unfortunately, during the real demo at Grundfos we had problems with the camera. But they are resolved and you will be able to see better results at the upcoming TAPAS demo.

Bin Picker — The worlds first off-the-shelf industrial handling robot

Aug. 1., 2009 – July 31, 2012

The aim of the project was to build the worlds first off-the-shelf Bin Picking robot.

Partners were

  • Scape Technologies (Coordinators)
  • DFT Dansk Flydepresse Teknologi A/S (end-user, use-case provider)
  • The Danish Technological Institute (DTI)
  • KUKA Nordic AB
  • Syddansk Universitet
  • Aalborg Universitet

Our role was to build a cheap 3D camera that would give precise enought 3D information for bin picking and which would be cheaper than the SICK scanner. We have done the research part, Scape Technologies has turned the 3D camera into a product. The following video shows the final results from the project. The camera is also visible.


Baby, Sanmohan ; Simonsen, Kasper Broegaard ; Balselv, Ivar ; Krüger,Volker ; Dencker, Rene 3D Scanning of Object Surfaces Using Structured Light and a Single Camera Image. I: Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), 2011. s. 151-156.

PACO-Plus: Perception, Action and Cognition through Learning Object-Action Complexes

August 2006-July 2010