Facilities and equipment

At RVMI we have the following equipment, which we use for research and education.


– The Little Helper, a mobile manipulator consisting of

  • KUKA Light-Weight Robot (LWR) arm
  • Neobotix MP-655 differential drive platform
  • Onboard dual Xeon-equipped computer
  • Schunk WSG-50 parallel gripper
  • A number of Primesense devices for sensing

– The STAMINA robot, consisting of

  • Universal Robot UR10 arm
  • Robotiq RQ3 underactuated 3-finger gripper
  • Pallet-like chassis, to be moved around by an autonomous forklift
  • A number of Primesense devices for sensing

– Furthermore, we have the following robots

  • Baxter Research Robot
  • Universal Robots UR5
  • OmnomĀ – in-house developed omnidirectional rover

Sensory devices

  • VICON motion tracking system
  • Point Grey BumbleBee 2 stereo camera
  • Videre stereo camera
  • A number of Kinects, Asus Xtion and Primesense devices, including short-range versions

Additional facilities

  • Delco conveyor belts
  • Makerbot Replicator Dual 3D printer