Bjarne Grossmann

Bjarne Großmann is with the Robotics, Vision and Machine Intelligence Lab (RVMI) at the Department of Materials and Production, Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark. He attained a Master’s degree in Computer Science with focus on media and a Master’s degree in Engineering with specialization in Vision, Graphics and Interactive system after attending a double Master program at the University of Applied Science in Wedel, Germany (FH Wedel) in cooperation with the Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark (AAU) in 2012. He did his master thesis on the development of a novel real-time image segmentation method using a fixation-based approach. Afterwards, he has been working as a self-employed web developer, a scientific research assistant for AAU and as a software developer for an edutainment app at National History New Zealand (NHNZ). Finally, he started his PhD at AAU in Copenhagen in 2014 where he has been involved in the European FP7 project STAMINA. Currently, he is part of the H2020 project SCALABLE, also at AAU, where he works on vision-related tasks and the development of a skill-based robotic framework.