Aalborg University Copenhagen


Aalborg University is one of the biggest Universities in Denmark, and its oldest education dates back to 1768. Education and research spans from natural sciences to all branches of Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences and 911850da27c94b9caf9d5579e7d23f3aMedicine.

Aalborg University has presently more than 3000 staff members and more than 18.000 bachelor and master students and more than 700 doctoral students.

Aalborg University has three campuses across Denmark: Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen.

The main part of the Copenhagen campus is located in the former buildings of NOKIA, with sports facilities, Kayaks, Sauna (NOKIA is from Finland!!) and one of the best university canteens I have experienced 🙂

Our robotics lab is located on the AAU campus in the harbor area of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, a very innovative and creative city and the world’s capital for bikin
g. Denmark has one of the world’s best social systems with Kindergarden, health insurance, etc. The quality of life in Copenhagen is very high, with lots of young families.


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